Retrolex Retro & Flea Market

Retrolex Retro & Flea Market specialises in buying and selling 20th century vintage and collectable items.

This website is just a showcase for some of the retro treasures on offer. Visit us to browse the stalls and enjoy the shopping experience of a modern flea and collectors market !

We have organised and managed a number of Retro & Flea market events in the Bristol area since 2006, where you can hire a space to sell your eclectic vintage items.

Promotion is our number one target to ensure attracting buyers and lovers of 20th century collectables to the right market. You can join us by registering with us before the event.

Watch this space.

"An exciting variety of stalls selling 20th century collectables, retro fashion, vinyl, jewellery, china, home made and all other kinds of curios! "

Vintage TV

"Retrolex - From bolero jackets to bowler hats, everything’s pre-loved: vintage fashions, jewellery and 20th-century collectables."    -   Venue, Mike White 2011